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carbohydrate antigen72-4


carbohydrate antigen72-4

carbohydrate antigen72-4(CA72-4)Assay Kit(Chemiluminescence method)

【Packing Specification】
96 per person / box

【Registration Certificate No. of Medical Device / Technical Requirement No. of Product】

【Sample Requirements】
Patient specimens need no special treatment. Whole blood specimens are collected by conventional medical techniques, and serum is drawn after centrifugation for detection.

【Storage Conditions】
This product is stored at 2 ℃ ~ 8 ℃

12 months


This kit is used for quantitative detection of carbohydrate antigen 72-4 (CA72-4) in human serum in vitro. Tumor associated antigen 72-4 (CA72-4) is a tumor associated glycoprotein antigen recognized by IgG monoclonal antibody B72.3. The molecular weight of CA72-4 is 48kDa. It has been reported that in many tumor diseases, including gastric cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer, the level of CA72-4 in serum and plasma has increased significantly. Especially for gastric cancer and ovarian cancer, it has a high sensitivity and specificity of 95%. CA72-4 level has a good correlation with tumor size and stage. CA72-4 is a good tumor marker for treatment monitoring and follow-up of gastric cancer patients, and has a high diagnostic value with CA19-9 and CEA joint examination.